ChatGPT as a tool for the innovative teacher

What is Chat GPT?

GPT Chat is an innovative tool based on machine learning technology and contains advanced algorithms that allows it to create texts naturally. It threatens the "old order" , makes memorization redundant and opens many doors for shortcuts and cheating. At the same time, it also embodies a lot of potential for renewing learning methods.

Teachers can and should use this tool to help their students understand the material in a deeper and more meaningful way.ChatGPT can also help teachers be more effective in their role. They can use it as a tool for writing lesson plans and activities, provide answers to students questions, create exams, provide more detailed explanations, and a wide variety of learning sources and methods searching for information and adapting the learning material to the level of their students.

Chat GPT can also create adaptive content

If you answer correctly, it will give you a harder question, if you get it wrong, the chat can provide you with feedback and give you an easier question.

The chat is also used as a tool for developing critical thinking. At times, ChatGPT provides incorrect answers and may even invent facts, this can be useful for the development of critical thinking due to the need to check and verify the reliability of the content that chatGPT provides. It also often provides brilliant answers and is expected to improve further in the future.

You can ask both students and ChatGPT to answer the same question. Then create a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of each answer. Example questions:

Teachers must guide students through the key ideas and gist of the topic so they don't receive AI responses without context or skepticism. GPT Chat is a great starting point for ideas for every teacher and student. It can be used to construct an answer, provide basic concepts and pull together information from around the web on a specific topic. However, this is only a starting point. Humans need to be more advanced than AI skills for their work to be worthwhile. Teachers need to embrace this technology as a tool that saves time and opens up new opportunities. Teachers are uniquely positioned to help students learn to use AI effectively—both during school and in their future employment.