Methodian produces world class TEDx events

Help your team grow stronger with TED style talks. The TEDx talks provide a platform for speakers to share their ideas, experiences, and expertise with a global audience. While preparing speakers for their TEDx talks we fell in love with the process and the benefit it brings to the speaker and the organization. Teachers and Students, employers and employees and virtually anyone can develop confidence and gain exposure and networking opportunities. The vulnerability that comes from these talks brings people closer and promotes companionship and compassion

We offer Licenced TEDx events

We tailor our solutions to your custom needs. whether you are a School, Collage, Private or public organisation. From building your lecture and preparing you for your talk to a Full Scale production, we will work together to find the solution that suits your needs. We have a wide array of methods and techniques to amplify and sharpen your talk and make your event Notable and Memorable